About Us

Juliette’s first memory of loving to cook came from her grandmother Egilda.  Cooking zeppolis and meatballs from scratch. My grandmother would give me a quarter and I would run up to the market to buy the cream cheese.  Can still see myself kneeling on a chair as I watched and tried to mimic her every move. She taught me to cook without recipes or measure spoons but rather with taste and touch.  Brought the same teachings to my children when they were little. As soon as they could stand. Had them next to me on a stool cooking away. The idea of having a restaurant and being a cook was always a dream. Worked in Dialysis for years feeding my patients and fellow staff members using them as my testers.  They would always say "Hey Jules when you getting that restaurant?" Decided one day in mid 2017 that it was time to live my dream and what better way to do it then with my family. Went and bought a slightly used but beautiful Food Cart and told my daughter our dream is sitting in our driveway. 


Jillian found love of the cooking not only from her mother Juliette, but also from working in the field for over 10 years. It all started in a local grocery chain where I assisted in revamping the corporate catering menu. It was so much fun doing the research and seeing it come together. I then switched  from catering sales to becoming the cater myself assisting the Lead Chef. This Chef in particular helped teach me how to manage my time in the kitchen, prioritize. Our catering team became a small family where we would dine at different restaurants around town where my love of food turned into a life dream. Food Truck Wars is where my idea for a truck began, it made the stuffy feeling of a restaurant seem so exciting. I decided that I was going to make a change in my life and become a healthier more vibrant me. In August of 2017 I underwent a weight loss procedure called the gastric sleeve. During my recovery time my mom bought the food cart. I had plenty of time on my hands and had experience opening numerous restaurants so I went to it but this time for my family. No words can describe the pure joy I get every day we are out on the road, we are truly blessed.



We have been apart of the BEST community there is, in the great Haddon Township! We can not thank everyone enough for rallying around us and being not only our best supporters but also our motivators.